While you were watching the Sonya Show

I took time out from the Sonya Sotomayor show to view another interesting development on July 17 at another hearing room concerning Pass ID. As you know, Real ID was supposed to put fraudulent-proof drivers license in the hands of all Americans and illegals. The States were in an uproar, supposedly, because of the cost and privacy issues. This hearing did not address the plain issue that it is another federal government intrusion on the Tenth Amendment. You won’t be able to do anything without “your papers.” Many states responded to with “resolutions.” I was glad to hear that, I believe, thirteen states responded with laws preventing the institution of Real ID at all. The hearing—which was chaired by Comrade Joseph Lieberman—discussed the new, revised Pass ID law which would make it much easier for the states to comply with their masters. Of course, the testimony was given by the Domestic Terrorist watchdog, herself, Janet Napalitano.

Without the ums and uhs, Sen. Joesph Lieberman said, “Good morning, and welcome to this hearing, where we will review the steps that the United State government has taken and that State governments have responded to, in that we may ultimately take to achieve the important national goal of keeping fraudulent state identification cards and driver’s licenses out of the hands of terrorists and criminals.

“I want to welcome Secretary Napalitano, Governor (Jim) Douglass of Vermont, and other witnesses on the second panel and thank you for the work that you’ve done on this very important matter.”

He said this, with a straight face, to Janet Napalitano who, as Governor of Arizona, attempted to get pushed through the legislature of Arizona the ability for illegal alien to obtain driver’s licenses. In 2003, Fox News reported that Napalitano would gladly sign into law a similar bill the that which caused the recall effort of Gray Davis (No relation. Believe me.) which put Commissar Schwarzenegger into office. By January 2006, she was backing out of any such commitment because she did not want to lose her job as so many Arizonans already had. Of course, it didn’t take her long to bail on Arizona so she could move to the Obamanation.

Now one would wonder why a person who did not mind giving drivers licenses to illegals in Arizona would fervently press for a full-fledged, official, federally approved drivers license when, supposedly, they won’t go to illegals. Things that make you go What the

We can only hope they use the same material that the State Department uses for passports. After the 9-11 tragedy which melted the black box of the 747, they found the unburned passport of one of the terrorist suspects.

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One Response to While you were watching the Sonya Show

  1. Mark Bauguss says:

    Every time I hear about this I hear a voice in my head saying “papers please” in a thick accent. What happened to America home of the free. If you want to stop terrorist then stop letting rhem into the country and not keeping tabs on THEM. Tighten our border security. Do away with the border patrol check points on the interstate, that just wave you through anyway, and put those agents back on patrol along the borders.

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