Cowboys have their love for the beautiful revolvers

Cowboys have their love for the beautiful revolvers, if nothing else. This is apparent from an experience of the Colt’s Arms Manufacturing company, of Hartford. Two cowboys of Wyoming have just asked for their estimates of the cost of two revolvers of elaborate workmanship. The Hartford Post states that “from the designs furnished the stock of each revolver must be of pearl, a horse and rider chased in gold on one side, and a heavily draped woman and birds, of the same precious metal, on the other side. The barrel and working parts of each are also to be heavily chased and inlaid with gold, so much so, in fact, that the steel of the revolver is to be nearly hidden from sight by the gold figures. The butt of each revolver is to be of solid silver, elegantly chased. At the least calculation, each revolver, made according to the designs furnished, but without the gold filling, would cost $62, and with the gold filling, $800. The only revolver ever made by the company, Colonel Samuel Colt, and was placed on exhibition by him at the great London exposition.
Arizona Champion; October 6, 1883

This is a historic article and no attempt was made to correct grammar.

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