Correction on S.B. 1113

In an earlier report on Arizona’s new gun laws, I reported from the Senate Engrossed Version of S.B. 1113. The Senate Version required that the establishment have an on-site kitchen. Apparently, the Governor signed into law the House Engrossed version of the legislation. That does allow any concealed carry permit holder to enter any establishment that sells alcohol unless otherwise posted. Which means you can enter a bar, liquor store, Safeway or Fry’s, restaurant, and so-forth.

While I understand the broader intent of the wording was meant to include liquor and grocery stores where you may buy and not consume, it does leave open the ability for persons to enter a bar. That is probably the weak point in this legislation. I would have expected that they would still exempt bars from any kind of carry. It is still illegal to drink when you are in such an establishment and carrying.

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One Response to Correction on S.B. 1113

  1. gcdaz says:

    I apologize for any confusion my earlier report may have caused.

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