One more line for Star Wars fans to stand in

I remember watching the Today Show, one morning—I believe it was a Friday—when movie reviewer Gene Shalit reviewed a new science fiction release. As a fan of science fiction, I watched as some guy named Harrison Ford battled obviously evil forces from a gun turret with some other newbie named Mark Hamill. Now their names are all but impossible to forget. As I recall, Gene Shalit was less than enthusiastic about the endeavor, but to be fair, he took a friend of his to review the movie. His friend was much more into the genre of science fiction and he loved it.

As a Star Wars fan from the original, I chose not to stand in the massive line at the theater to get into the first three prequels. I was, however, sweating as I waited outside the video store in my Wookie costume for the DVD release. I was excited, though, that my “next generation” was as excited as me by the new releases. And when I found a set of the original three movies, he would watch nothing else. It gave us some common ground to discuss and enjoy. Half of the time, though, he comes up with names of characters that I never knew existed! If you are looking for another script writer, George, have your people call his people.

Anyway, Star Wars: The Musical is apparently set to tour around the world with a three-story-tall high-definition screen displaying movie footage synchronized to live music from the film and Anthony Daniels (C3PO) narrating.

SF Chronicle article.

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