Army invading Springfield?

The Illinois Army National Guard held training on the streets with new Armored Security Vehicles that ended Sunday. A licensed trained driver will be along for the training this week, (but does the law require him to have insurance? Probably GEICO.). The vehicles are large, but only require one traffic lane.

In an AP new report paraotted across Illinois newspapers, Staff Sgt. Daniel Becker says the vehicles were designed to keep soldiers safe. They have the safety features of other vehicles on the road – like turn signals, brake lights and headlights – but the driver’s view is limited by the armor.

Becker says people shouldn’t be afraid when they see the armored vehicles on the road.

An Alex Jones listener sent a picture which went up on their web site. The web staff added, “‘No, they shouldn’t be afraid — they need to let the idea sink in that it is normal for armed troops to be on the streets. After they get used to military vehicles on the roads, they will need to get accustomed to military checkpoints like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan,’ we wrote at the time.”

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