H1N1: Natural or manmade nightmare?

In May, Ron Paul—a physician who is now a Congressman and domestic terrorist—wrote an article concerning the swine flu “epidemic” in which he wrote,

“As a physician, I have yet to see any evidence that justifies the current level of alarm. Influenza typically kills around 36,000 people every year in this country and hospitalizes a couple hundred thousand. So far there are only a handful of confirmed deaths attributable to this strain, and most of those sickened have or will fully recover. Every death is tragic, but I see no reason to deal with this flu outbreak any differently than we typically deal with any other flu season. Instead, government in its infinite wisdom is performing even more invasive screening at airports, closing down schools and sporting events, and causing general panic.

“We had a similar outbreak in 1976, with only 1 death from the flu, but mandatory vaccinations killed at least 25 before the program was abandoned.”

With news that the government of Greece is mandating swine flu vaccinations and concerns that it could happen here, people are asking is the disease worse than the cure? What will you do if the government forces vaccination on you?

One line of defense is knowledge and Dprogram.net has written an interesting article that should help you start your research.

Read the article

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