Minority Report

I finally got a chance to watch Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report starring Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton. The movie is based on the Phillip K. Dick short story, The Minority Report. The two-hour and twenty-six-minute 2002 movie takes place in Washington, D.C. in 2054 and Tom Cruise is a policeman on the “pre-crime” unit who tracks down murders before they happen with the help of three pre-cogs. He continues to work despite the fact that he takes drugs to try to ease the pain of loosing his son. Everything is running smoothly until the pre-cogs predict that he will murder a man that he has never heard of in thirty-six hours.

His nemesis is Danny Witer, played by Colin Farrell, a clever cop from the Attorney General’s office trying to find out if the system really works or if it is flawed in any way. He finds the flaw and it turns out he’s too clever.

Anderton has to return to pre-crime to find the evidence to prove his innocence and winds up taking “Agatha” (Samantha Morton)—the talented female of the trio of pre-cogs. This leads to a nightmarish avenue of twists and turns that leads to high levels in the organization.

Max Von Sydow turns in a great performance as Director Lamar Burgess. He’s been a favorite actor of mine since he played Dr. Paul Novontny in Dreamscape in 1984. Of course, we can’t forget his performance as Brewmeister Smith in the 1983 movie Strange Brew, no matter how hard he may try.

Like all Spielberg movie’s, it is full of action, suspense and cool techno-tools. The problem is that our government is trying to make it a reality in 2010.

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