Democrats sense of humor disappears

As I reported earlier, the new Obama Joker posters have caused quite a stir world-wide. The LA Weakly article stated:

The safe money says the first thing out of the mouths of Fox News bobble-heads is, “Can’t liberals take a joke?”

The indignity of the Guardian in the U.K. (as if we care what they think) Film Blog was expressed in their tagline,

The attempt to paint the US president as a supervillain is just wrongheaded. Plus, it’s not even funny

They wrote,

The Joker poster is mean-spirited, sure, as plenty of satirical images are, but is it dangerous? If it is, it comes down to race. As with the New York Post cartoon that conflated an Obama initiative and the shooting of a rogue ape, it’s a moot point whether the intention was bigoted: the simple fact of publishing an image of a black president with his face covered in white greasepaint but for the eyes and a red slash of a mouth can’t help but evoke a minstrel aesthetic, even if it’s in reverse.

A story from the Daily Mail in the U.K. Mail online
A spokesman from the Los Angeles urban policy unit said that depicting the president as demonic and a socialist ‘goes beyond political spoofery.’

All of this hoopla is interesting considering the silence over the fact that Vanity Fair published a Bush “joker-poster” on their July cover or the depiction of “Vampire” Bush sucking the blood from Lady Liberty on the cover of The Village Voice. Although the depictions are apt, there was no such indignation from the “Socialist” U.K. Certainly not from the U.S. where the Dumbocrats and Media were too busy laughing.

Only a handful of politicians in the Congress are trying to prevent our joining the U.K. and other European morons in the Global government that the Pope recently proposed.

In light of the Bush smear campaign, I’ll ask the question. Can’t you liberals take a joke? And I don’t even watch FOX News.

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