Further speculation on Obama’s birth

“I sure have been coming across conspiracy theorist lately.”

“A conspiracy is only a fact yet uncovered,” William smiled.

Glen Davis, A Shroud of Evidence

Add to the list of “Conspiracy theorists” and “domestic terrorist” (If reunification plans succeed) one Daniel Hannan of England. In an enlightened article on the Telegraph web site, he speculates that—since the “president” was born in Kenya in 1961—Obama is a British citizen. Could Obama have been carefully groomed to enter the United States and revoke the Declaration of Independence? Is his mission, here, a carefully orchestrated reunification plan with the U.K.? And who would benefit?

Peter comments on the blog, “‘What if Barak Obama was in fact born British?’ Don’t you think we’ve got enough problems?”

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2 Responses to Further speculation on Obama’s birth

  1. r.j. says:

    I don’t believe anything that man says.

  2. gcdaz says:

    Love your avatar.

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