Legally carrying a gun in New Hampshire scares media talking heads.

Idiots of MSNBC—using domestic terrorist phrases they learned from Janet Napalitano—were apparently angered that a Ron Paul Supporter and Obamacare Opponent could legally wear a 9-mm Smith & Wesson near an Obama propaganda tour. These idiots apparently have not heard of the Second Amendment or they were taught in public schools.

MSNBC reports:

William Kostric is a married man in his mid 30S who works in sales. He says he moved here to New Hampshire from Arizona about a year ago, because it’s a “live free or die” state — and he thought Arizona was becoming too restrictive with its gun laws.
He’s passing out a bookmark that says, “Join the Second Amendment Revolution, the most exciting pro-liberty movement in over 200 years.”
He’s a Ron Paul supporter, who opposes just about everything Obama, including health care reform.

Kostric was armed with a 9-mm Smith and Wesson strapped to his leg, attracting the attention of an apparently undercover officer who warned him to keep more than 1,000 yards away from the school. He complied.

Kostric was initially some 75 yards from the entryway, the report added. He was, however, legally within his rights to carry the holstered weapon on a public sidewalk.

Secret Service monitored his activity the whole time, but let him carry out his constitutionally-protected activity since he was not wielding the firearm in a threatening manner.

Kostric is reportedly a member of the Free State Project, promoted in New Hampshire.

He was also interviewed by an obviously angry Chris Matthews on MSNBC, who asked why he brought “a G** d**** gun” to an event with the president.

See Raw Story

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