Cspan hosts Netroots Communist organization

Mike Lux of the Progressive Study Consulting Firm and Tanya Tarr of the Texas American Federation of Teachers “debated” Dr. Howard Dean of Obamination who took a “non-ideological” about health care, while spouting all of crap from the Obama web site.  Netroots is a campaign by a union to educate party members on how to “blog” on health care.   Dean actually said, with a straight face, that Obaminationcare would be cheaper. Medicare has not bore that out. Dean mentioned that he wanted some bill out there if not a good one. He said that he does not want pharmaceutical companies advertising. That is because most people don’t read the warning labels when they get medications, if they get the proper warning label at all.  On television, however, they are hard to ignore.

Tanya said that she asked people if they tithe at their place of worship and said this is the same thing. We should all pay for this. Well, Tanya, when I “tithe” I tithe what I can afford. Although Televangelists will tell you ten percent is your get into heaven card. But even at that, that is ALL I pay. I don’t pay ten-percent, then an alcohol tithe on the communion wine, and a sales tithe on the bread for communion, and a property tithe on the seat that I sit in, and an FCC tithe for the microphone and amplification equipment that the pastor uses and a handicap tithe for the ramps that the elderly and wheelchair bound have to use, and an entertainment tithe for the instruments used, and ad infinitum.  They get one tithe and they have to spread that out.

Hummm.  Now I know why the separation of church and state. Can’t has the little chillin learning about the fact that the government overtaxes and still charges you extra fees for using their services.  Maybe the government can learn from religion. One tax ONLY! A NATIONAL SALES TAX of no more than 25% to be split among ALL government agencies federal and state. NO OTHER TAXES. Socialized medicine and Social Security are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That is, Tanya, they are not in the Constitution and there are no phrases that even indicate that it should be. Why do we have Social Security?

Interesting story, Tanya, and one that you can explore. Seems that the Supreme Court in the case of Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 619 (1937) decided that it was okay to tax both employer and employee. Roosevelt Communism gets a double-deal. “The proceeds of both taxes are to be paid into the Treasury like internal-revenue taxes generally, and are not earmarked in any way.” In other words, it’s just another tax. Another tax that Congressmen do not pay, the President does not pay, Supreme Court Justices—probably as a reward for their good service—do not pay.

Imagine a government running your health care when they cannot even determine if someone was born in the United States.

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