Alex Jones “joker poster” contest may have a winner.

Obama-socialism Joker-thumb-200x292

The poster has been updated by Alex Jones to read "" in the place of "socialism" on the original poster.

United Press International is reporting that the police have a suspect in Clermont Florida who placed over 500 Obama “joker posters” around the city in response to a contest offered by Alex Jones of The contest was for $1000 for anyone who could put up a lot of posters that would draw attention to Infowars and the Genesis Radio Network. Police have been working for weeks to find the suspect who admitted to attaching the posters.

If it were not for the fact that the youth used strong adhesive to place the posters on U.S. Government mailboxes and other federal and city property, he might have received a slap on the wrist and enjoyed the $1000 prize money. The web site for the contest now specifies not putting the posters on government property even though no one complained about pro-Obama posters being posted in the same types of locations. No pardon is expected.

By the way, this story is more hype than anything. But any excuse I can find to get the “joker poster” on the front page of my blog I will gladly use.

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