Mexican Army takes over customs duties for US.

According to a report by AFP news, the Mexican army took over customs duties, on Sunday, in the town of Nuevo Laredo on the Texas border while the US sacked about 1000 customs agents of the US Border Patrol in an anti-contraband crackdown.

“Mexico is in the midst of a raging war on organized crime, and has expressed serious concern about US weapons crossing into the country,” the article expressed. Obama has admitted us fault in the violence and called for Cifta to be ratified by the Senate and has pledged 1.6-Billion dollars of “shared wealth” to Mexico for their efforts.

The article does not mention the allegations that the numbers of weapons flowing into Mexico that the Obama administration cited were extremely inflated.

With reports that Canada is using $15-million to train Mexican police, If one were looking for evidence of a “New World Order,” this might cause a raised eyebrow, at least.


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