“Loose Change” filmmaker to release new film

Jason Bermas, known for the film Loose Change and Fabled Enemies, will release a new film in February: Invisible Empire: A New World Order. Bermas’ film Loose Change was an excellent documentary on what allegedly happened on 9/11. The film is well-supported by facts disclosed in the film. When I was given a copy of the film to view by a friend, I was ready to eat my popcorn and laugh it off as another anti-Bush attempt. Bermas, however, made many facts clear that I could not ignore. The film has become the center of the so-called 9/11 truth movement that seems to upset many media talking heads. If you can watch the film without, at least, wondering about the evidence presented, you probably suffer from media induced brain damage.

His latest film tackles the subject of the title, the new world order. The trailer contains bits of speeches and images intermixed with the John F. Kennedy warning speech that many believe caused his death in Dallas in November of ’63. If it is as well done as Loose Change, it’ll be difficult to wait for it’s release. The film will be released through, of course, infowars.com and will be available on Prisonplanet.tv.

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