Media talking heads still demonize gun owners.

Racheal Maddox interviews New York Times communist Frank Rich to demonize gun owners practicing their Second Amendment rights and “terrorizing” those at the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars convention in Phoenix. She revealed that the organizer of the Phoenix protest was Ernest Hancock who (oooooh) has ties to the Viper Militia (She didn’t read it on the Phoenix New Times web site who broke that story the following day. She broke the story.). She, and Rich, continue to say everything is okay, except for those damn gun owners.

The Secret Service were not only not concerned, but were expecting it since the Phoenix Police department was notified the day before the event. The participants were well aware that if they made any stupid moves, the Secret Service would have been all over them. The Secret Service is not concerned about the guns they can see. They are concerned about the guns that they cannot see.

I could not tell, from the video, how many people fled in terror from the event because of the guns. It looked pretty well packed.

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