Obama’s 9/11 causes uproar.

Obama seems to remember 9/11 a little differently than Americans. He has set off another firestorm over his April 21 signing of legislation that makes September 11th National Service Day. Amazingly, they already have on line the 911DayOfService.0rg website indicating that it was a done deal before it was even signed.

Presumably, Muslims will go sign up for community service rather than blow anything up that day.

The main issue that should be stressed in the whole 9/11 affair should be how willing Americans were to lay down their freedoms and endure encroachments on their privacy and their right to travel freely for some perceived safety. The Obama administration has labeled any one who believes in the Constitution, has a Ron Paul bumper sticker or who has ever served in the military—among others—a Domestic Terrorist. He is seeking legislation that will allow the anti-Constitution Attorney General to put people on a terrorist list to restrict virtually anything they do—including legally owning firearms.

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