Will Obama court case settle birth certificate dispute?

On Monday July, 13th 2009, Judge David O. Carter (at least one other democrat thinks that Carter should be “investigated.” Come on, now. He was appointed by Clinton!) agreed to hear the merits of the case regarding Obama’s citizenship. The case which was filed back on Inauguration Day, is just one of many cases filed in an attempt to prove Obama’s ineligibility to be president because he is not “a natural born citizen”.

To date all cases that have been filed concerning the issue have not faired well in court. Back in December the Supreme Court dismissed a case challenging Obama’s citizenship.

The new case is set to be heard September 8th, 2009—the day Obama indoctrinates the little children of the world—at the Santa Ana Federal Court building in Santa Ana California. Orly Taitz is the lawyer who filed the current suit on behalf of Alan Keyes. She was greatly pleased that finally a court will entertain her claims. She said: “He’s very determined to hear the case on the merits,” referring to the judge. “He stated, the country needs to know if Mr. Obama is legitimate, if he can legitimately stay in the White House.”

Already bloggers across the continent are attaking Ms. Taitz with accussations which may be true.

Blogger Ruben Christopher compains it’s racist white people and Alan Keyes who does not like Obama because he’s black. Alan Keyes—a black man, in case you weren’t aware—is pretty much on record as not being opposed to Obama because he’s black. He is opposed to Obama because he’s red. “Birthers don’t you think that they checked all this out before they handed over the keys to the Presidency to a black man. They probably got sworn statements from the doctor, nurses, his mother, his grandparents, people in the rooms next door, all the other baby’s in the nursery, every car in the parking lots license plate, the time, the weather, the position of the sun, what the doctor had for dinner for god sake,” Christopher cries.

He is, obviously, unaware of the fact that Hawaii has sealed Obama’s records at his order and no one can see them without a court order. As for “sworn statements,” there are those who claim to have affidavits from people who were there at Obama’s birth in Kenya.

We can only wonder what will happen if the court orders those sealed records to be opened and we find out he was not born in Hawaii. It would not matter, then, if he were born in Kansas because it would constitute felony fraud.

The worse part is if they win, the idiot that Obama chose as his vice-president, to make himself look smart, would ascend to the throne unless one could prove fraud against him. Biden has already indicated that we must spend like the Wiemar Republic to get out of this recession at a meeting of mostly AARP members. Somehow, I don’t see a Harry S. Truman emerging from that arrangement.

If they did prove Biden knew about the Obama situation, the worse of possible scenarios would happen. We would have Nacy Pelosi as a president and there’s no way to get rid of her.

Palin’s looking really hot about now.

Terry Krepel
Birthers get their day in court on Obama citizenship
World News Daily
What About Federal Judge David O. Carter and the Obama Eligibility Issue?

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