Geraldo Rivera says “we” would not kill citizens.

Geraldo Rivera—best known for his opening of the Al Capone Vault in Chicago in the late 70s—had a 9/11 truther love-fest with Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly could not get a real guest, especially a family member from the tragic event, so Rivera filled in. To date, O’Reilly has had only one member of a 9/11 family on his show to ridicule.

Now, Geraldo Rivera speaks out for 9/11 victims by saying, “Very cruel. Very cruel.” He compared the views of Charlie Sheen to those of Rosie O’Donnell and was sure to bring up the “drugs and the hookers or whatever.”

“I believe both of them are being sincere about this. I think that they have swallowed this kool-aid1 where they, in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historical record2, in defiance of their own eyes, and witnessing what was happening with the planes smashing into the buildings.

“And I think, unintentionally, I am sure they are hurting the victim’s families. The survivors. Because they continue to raise this preposterous notion that the United States Government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost three thousand of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan.3 It is false on its face. It is extremely insensitive and if it weren’t for the fact that they were sincere but misguided, I would feel even more emotional about it, but I think it is very, very negative vibes…”

Alex Jones, last Friday, had Charlie Sheen on his show last Friday with Bob Mcilvaine—a survivor of the 9/11 victims.

Sheen challenged the debunkers to a debate. “Let’s do it,” Sheen told the Alex Jones Show Friday. “I issue the challenge to debate Meghan McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sen Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, bring them all, Bob Mcilvaine and I will join you on Larry King Live and you guys bring whatever you’ve got … and we’ll show up with the truth and we’ll just see how it goes—we’re not hiding,” added Sheen.

ACORN founder

1 Kool-aid is, no doubt, reference to “poison kool-aid” that Jim Jones served his followers in Obama’s native Africa in the late 70s.
2 Let’s not mention what those facts are.
3 Examples of what government has done to citizens.
a. The internal explosion of a boiler on the USS Maine—not a Spanish mine—causes the Spanish-American war.
b. Japanese allowed to bomb Pearl Harbor by Roosevelt to get US to enter World War II.
c. Gulf of Tonkin used to enter Vietnam war.
d. Blacks given Syphilis Google Search
e. Stevens Institute of Technology
f. Pentagon gassed American soldier

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