Obama’s numbers “movin’ on up! to the Bush-side.”

Obama’s Rasmussen Reports numbers steadily improved since the speech in which Joe Wilson cried out “You lie!” when Obama clearly did during his speech. Now 34% of Americans strongly approve of his lies while only 37% disapprove. That give him a -3 index—the best numbers since July 7.

It is unknown the effect of the outburst by Joe Wilson who spoke for all Americans during Obama’s lies given in speech form last week. But, certainly, support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats continues to grow following the president’s speech to Congress last Wednesday night. It has now risen to the highest level yet measured, and, for the first time, shows a slight uptick in support among Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all voters nationwide cannot, apparently, conceptualize what 700-trillion dollars will do to the economy and this Communist legislation will do to the country. They favor the plan while 46% are opposed. In June, as the public debate was just beginning, 50% favored the plan and 45% were opposed.

Support for the plan fell over the summer and reached a point where 53% of voters opposed it. However, in the days following the president’s speech, support for the plan has been moving up on a fairly consistent basis.

Still, the intensity gap continues to favor those who oppose the plan. Currently, 28% Strongly Favor the proposed reform while 38% are Strongly Opposed. (see day-by-day numbers). In late August, 23% were strongly in favor of the plan and 43% were strongly opposed.

Obama has admitted that the government will take over all health care in the country and the legislation doles it out to the most worthy to the least worthy.

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