16 teams on the way to the playoffs.

Of course, that will change. This is only the second week.

Houston @ *Tennessee / LP Field 1:00 PM
Tennessee over Houston by as much as ten-points because of home field.

Houston 34  Tennessee 31

*New Orleans @ Philadelphia / Lincoln Financial Field 1:00 PM
This might turn out to be the biggest game this week. It will be Kevin Kolb’s first start against the team that has Reggie Bush and Mike Bell. I think it will be too tough for the kid, but I do not think New Orleans will be able to do better than around eight-points. I hope I’m wrong on this one.

New Orleans 48  Philadelphia 22

*Cardinals @ Jacksonville / Jacksonville Municipal Stadium 1:00 PM
I think last week was a fluke. A learning experience. I have faith that Kurt Warner can come off this with as much as a nine-point win. If the Cardinals learned from their mistakes last week.

Cardinals 31  Jacksonville 17

Oakland @ *Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium 1:00 PM
Oakland is going to Kansas City, but will go home with a three-point loss.

Oakland 13  Kansas City 10; right on the score, wrong on the team.

Cincinnati @ *Green Bay / Lambeau Field 1:00 PM
Cincinnati at Lambeau? I gotta go Green Bay by ten, at least.

Cincinnati 31  Green Bay 24; Opps

*Minnesota @ Detroit / Ford Field 1:00 PM
Minnesota, twelve-points. ‘Nuff said.

Minnesota 27  Detroit 13

Saint Louis @ *Washington / FedEx Field 1:00 PM
I have a definite grudge against Washington, too. Not only political, but personal. But I can’t see them loosing. They will come out with .500 on the stats by, perhaps, 15 points.

Saint Louis 7  Washington 9

*New England @ New York Jets / Giants Stadium 1:00 PM
After barely squeaking by Buffalo last week, I believe New England will do a little better against the Jets in this contest of undefeated teams. I would give a 6 point spread to New England.

New England 9  New York Jets 16

*Carolina @ Atlanta / Georgia Dome
Carolina could not stand up to Donovan McNabb, last week, and could not pick it up after his injury. But I think they can go home with their first win, probably by two touchdowns.

Carolina 20  Atlanta 28

Tampa Bay @ *Buffalo / Ralph Wilson Stadium 4:05 PM
These two teams will be playing for their first win in a game that might, also, produce some surprising moments. I will have to say that this Florida team will have to look for their first win next week. I’m guessing that Buffalo will want their first win at home by 9 points.

Tampa Bay 20  Buffalo 33

*Seattle @ San Francisco / Candlestick Park 4:05 PM
This could be just a walk in the park for Seattle (Get it? Candlestick Park? Oh, never mind), coming in with a 28 to 0 win over Saint Louis. I don’t see a home field advantage for San Francisco after barely beating the Arizona Cardinals. I see Seattle by as much as 14 points.

Seattle 10  San Francisco 23

Baltimore @ *San Diego / Qualcomm Stadium 4:15 PM
This might be a good game. Even if you don’t like either team, you might want to TIVO this one for a later view. I would give San Diego their home field advantage to emerge undefeated by three-points.

Baltimore 31  San Diego 26

*Pittsburgh @ Chicago / Soldier Field
Any day Chicago gets beat is a good day (of course, I base that on purely political analysis and not because I dislike the Bears). It looks like a good day. I would be surprised if Pittsburgh cannot take it by two touchdowns.

Pittsburgh 14  Chicago 17; Must have been a bad day.

Cleveland @ *Denver / Invesco Field at Mile High 4:15 PM
Denver’s defense was tough against Cincinnati last week, giving them a low-scoring five-point win. Cleveland had a 14-point spread in it’s 34 to 20 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. At Mile High I have to give Denver the edge by at least 9 points.

Cleveland 6  Denver 27

New York Giants @ *Dallas / Cowboys Stadium 8:20 PM
I’d like to pick New York, on this one, but I think Tony Romo and the Cowboys will be able to emerge undefeated by at least a touchdown. Probably 10 points.

New York Giants 33  Dallas 31

Mon, Sep 21

*Indianapolis @ Miami / Land Shark Stadium 8:30 PM
This is another I hope I’m wrong on. I hate to predict this one because my favorite team, Miami, appears poised for its second loss. I think the arm of Payton Manning can overcome Miami’s defense by as much as nine points. Sorry, Miami.

Indianapolis 27  Miami 23

Now you know why I didn’t make any money on those office pools!

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