Arizona couple sue Walmart after children taken.

The year-long experience of A.J. and Lisa Demaree, of Peoria, Arizona demonstrates the out-of-control police and CPS system in Arizona. The couple snapped photos of their children in the bathtub playing.

Children were taken into protective custody over pictures taken at bath time.

The Demarees thought the photos they snapped of their young daughters—types of photos taken of children across the country, but used as evidence against parents in California and Arizona—were innocent and sweet. But after a photo developer at Wal-Mart thought otherwise, the Demarees found themselves in a year-long battle to prove they were not child pornographers. A judge with some common sense agreed with the couple against the California-driven doctrine of CPS. The children were returned, but Mrs. Demaree reported, in an interview, that the eldest child is now afraid to go to “strangers houses,” including those of family members.

“I don’t understand it at all,” A.J. Demaree told “Good Morning America” Monday. “Ninety-nine percent of the families in America have these exact same photos.”

It is known that permanent damage from separation anxiety results from CPS involvement even when the children are returned. In one Arizona case when a 12-year old was taken from his mother around Christmas, the CPS workers “soothed” the youth by telling him that he could have anything he wanted for Christmas. The youth wound up in the Juvenile Department of Corrections system while in CPS custody.

While Wal-Mart certainly deserves a lawsuit, people in these cases, unfortunately, do not strike at the heart of the matter by suing the uncontrolled CPS department to drain their budget. Most people still believe that you cannot “fight city hall.”

In Arizona, CPS is allowed to take your children for committing child abuse for violating their document of what is considered child abuse without court order—bypassing due process of law. Half of their “child abuse” documentation is not releasable to the public. In other words, they can take your children and not tell you why. You have to prove that you did not violate a rule that you did not know existed and are not allowed to find out what it is.

Read ABC Article and see video.

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