I’d like to teach the world to sing…

…as long as it does not conflict with any FCC fairness doctrines.

Following Obama’s whirlwind “Teach the World to Sing” television spree—ending with a Monday night David Letterman appearance where he announced that he was black before the election—Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll puts his Presidential approval rating at -8 with 31% of the nation’s voters strongly approving of the way he is performing his role as President.

Support for the health care priority has risen among Democrats; up 11 points to 45%, but overall, support for the plan has dropped to a new low. 56% of voters now oppose health care, but among the uninsured, 58% approve of the plan.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of U.S. voters believe that the current level of political anger in the country is higher than it was when George W. Bush was president, according to another Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. The poll found that only 22% think the level of political anger is lower now, while 16% rate it as about the same.

Despite frequent Republican complaints about the vitriol leveled at President Bush, 69% of GOP voters say the level of anger is higher now, a view shared by 53% of Democrats and 56% of voters not affiliated with either party.

Just 12% of voters nationwide say that the opposition to President Obama’s health care plan and other initiatives is racist, as some prominent Democrats, including former President Jimmy Carter, have charged. Interesting that after playing the race card when Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested by James Crowley, Obama was content to let the racists accusations fly until Jimmy Carter made his remarks. Apparently, people saw through the facade of “peace maker” Obama tried to wear on David Letterman.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters nationwide say they’re at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government. That figure includes 36% who are very angry.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 30% are not angry about the government’s policies, including 10% who are not at all angry.

Adding to the voter frustration is the fact that 60% believe neither Republican nor Democratic political leaders have an understanding of what is needed today.

The frustration probably stems from the fact that, though Bernake announced a recovery because he still has his job, jobs are still being lost and homes are still being foreclosed. This after trillions of dollars of bail-out money being cast to the wind as if we were the Weimar Republic. Of course, if Ron Paul has his way, you might just be standing in the unemployment line next to Bernake in the future.

Obama sort of kept his promise to appoint an uncontroversial Supreme Court Justice. He did line up a list of totally left-wing extremist, however, to ensure her confirmation. As for the rest of his appointments, they appear to be the cast of some bad horror movie with a eugenicist as “Science Czar” and a fervent anti-hunter in a position where he can do the most damage.

Adding to the list of growing unrest is CIFTA, a back-door gun control move, and giving Eric Holder the opportunity to prevent Americans from exercising their God-given Second Amendment right to buy a gun. His administration has labeled a majority of the American population “domestic terrorist.” They have even begun to attack non-profit thrift stores and yard sales to ensure they do not sell anything on the “recall” list.

With this list and Internet censoring and monitoring, cap-and-trade taxation and so on, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the most ardent conspiracy debunker to call Alex Jones a nut. If these polls are an accurate reflection of public opinion, it is almost certain—If we make it to another election cycle—voters will probably tell Obama to keep the change.

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