Welcome to the “third world,” Pittsburgh.

In a scene reminiscent of Haiti and South American where military despots were accused of snatching citizens off the streets never to be seen again, a protester is rushed by several military people and shoved into an unmarked waiting car to be driven from the scene.

Pittsburgh, the scene of the G20 conference where they intend demote the United States to a third world country, has instituted draconian measures against protesters—including, apparently, sound weapons, tear gas and, now, kidnapping. So far, it seems from reports, only the police have perpetrated any violence.

It is interesting that the United States now employees secret agents to come to your home at night with armed police to take your children. That tactic was used in the U.S.S.R. and was used for its propaganda measure to control the minds of U.S. citizens into being good little Republicans or Democrats. The same tactic in the United States is called “safety.”

Apparently Obama “hoped” to “change” things by rolling out more troops to shut American’s up—unless they agree with him.

See more video

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