Plans for APF takeover of Twin Rivers Detention facility to proceed.

According to the Bighorn Country News web site, the planned to have American Police Force take control of the Twin Rivers Detention facility in Hardin, Montana will proceed. This dispite the background of company CEO Michael Hilton, not knowing where “prisoners” are to come from, and a flurry of activity spurred by syndicated talk-show host and film producer Alex Jones.

The controversy on the Jones’ show Wednesday was sparked by Steve Quayle which alleged that Hardin was being patrolled by foreign troops. That allegation was fueled by the fact that Hilton and an APF employee identified as “Sargent Martin” arrived in vehicles with decals that read “Hardin Police Department” with the APF logo. That attracted the attention of county commissioners and sheriffs’ deputies. Becky Shay, spokesperson for APF and former Billings Gazette reporter, told Jones that the vehicles had a “not for official use” sticker in their windows, as well, but Steve Quayle disputes that claim. The decals on the vehicles were removed because of the controversy.

City officials say that the town was in no danger of a “take over” and they plan to have APF take over the prison facility on schedule dispite Hilton’s questionable background and refusal to reveal the mysterious backers of his company. The state house in Helena, however, may have more questions as they review court records on the conviction of Hilton in California.

Hardin ran into tough times years ago and decided to try to get into a booming business in the United States. Unfortunately the business is the all-to improving business of imprisoning people in the United States. Apparently, the facility did not meet state requirements for inmates, so it was offered up as a possible location for terrorist suspects from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They even hosted a tour for a news crew from Al-Jazeera English news network in May.

Concerns still loom, for some, over where APF intends to get its “prisoners,” who those prisoners will be and the training facility for foreign mercenaries to be next to the facility.

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Bighorn Country News
Helena Independent Record

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