Sotomayor shows she’s no Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court opens

WASHINGTON — A recast Supreme Court kicked off its new season Monday, with novice Justice Sonia Sotomayor immediately taking center stage.

In just an hour, the court’s newest justice asked more questions than Justice Clarence Thomas has asked over the course of several years. This is, of course, because Justice Thomas knows the Constitution and knows that the Second Amendment is “incorporated” to the States by the Bill of Rights. Sotomayor’s aggressive role in a Fifth Amendment case, in turn, underscored how she could put her own stamp on a court whose 2009-2010 docket is still taking shape.

“The Supreme Court is already off to a notable start, and there is so much more to come,” Caroline Fredrickson, the executive director of the American Constitution Society, a liberal lawyers organization, said even before inaugural oral argument Monday.

The 55-plus cases already scheduled for the coming months cover everything from gun rights and patent protection to free speech and the punishment of juveniles. The court is likely to accept another 25 or so cases before the 2009-10 term ends next June.

Sample of the questions asked;

Where’s the bathroom?
Do we have franking privileges?
Where’s my office?
Do we really have to read the Constitution?
Can my mom take pictures in court?
How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb, ha, ha, ha?
Do I have to make the coffee?
When does the football pool start up?
When is lunch?
Al Franken’s copy of the Constitution is much smaller than this one. Is it easier to read?
Which one of you is Clarence Thomas?
The Bill of Rights was written after the Constitution, so it’s not really part of the Constitution, is it?
Why is my parking space so far from the door?
So when do I gavel someone?
Why do we have so many justices? I can make better decisions than the men. Can’t we get rid of them?
So how many vacation days do I get?
How come I have to sign for all the FedEX deliveries?
Do we get a birthday day off?
Do we have casual Fridays?

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2 Responses to Sotomayor shows she’s no Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court opens

  1. Jojo says:

    :: Y A W N :: … try again

  2. gcdaz says:

    Thank you, Ms. Sotomayor, for your comments. I’m really honored that you read my blog. I trust you will learn something of the Constitution through your reading.

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