Colts make it official.

With their 31-9 victory over the Titans, the Colts kept the undefeated club intact. The Broncos, Colts, Saints, Vikings and the Giants remain undefeated. Next week that club will be reduced by, at least, one as the undefeated New York Giants take on the undefeated New Orleans Saints next Sunday. The Giants at full-strength next week, this should be the game to watch.

The Giants have forced all five of their opponents to punt on their first offensive series. Quarterbacks Eli Manning and David Carr were not sacked, the third time this season the Giants offense did not allow a sack. The Giants sacked Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell six times, their highest sack total since they had six vs. San Francisco on Oct. 19, 2008, forcing a fumble on three of the sacks.

San Diego will not be able to take first place from Denver, but will be playing to upset their undefeated status. Denver got past a tough team this week and unless the Chargers can come up with something new, they should remain undefeated.

The Vikings face the Ravens who are hungry to topple the hot Cincinnati Bengals in their division. This could be a tough game for Brett Farve’s Vikings (Happy Birthday, Mr. Farve).

The Colt’s get a day off next Sunday.

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