Gore upbeat on climate bill

Former Vice President Al Gore shared his optimism about the “shifting momentum” of the climate change debate with about 500 environmental journalists Friday in Madison.

“We’re very close to that political tipping point,” Gore said at the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference at the Madison Concourse Hotel. “Never before in human history has a single generation been asked to make such difficult and consequential decisions.”

He said he expects the Senate to pass a carbon emissions reduction bill before a December United Nations conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The House passed a similar bill in June.

He also said he expects President Barack Obama to attend the Copenhagen conference, which could boost an international framework for emissions reduction. Obama hasn’t announced his plans.

“I am optimistic,” Gore said. “I think there has been a very powerful recognition, not only in this country, but in many countries, that there is a linkage between the climate crisis and the economic crisis and the national security crisis that is in part derivative of the world’s ridiculous over-dependence on carbon-based fuels.”

Some who attended the speech tempered Gore’s hopefulness, characteristic of his lauded yet controversial effort to educate the public about carbon dioxide emissions and their link to rising temperatures.

“His optimism isn’t shared by a lot of other folks,” said Tim Wheeler, an environmental reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Gore may have been trying to push politicians to action,” Wheeler added.

I wonder if Gore arrived in his SUV? I’m sure Gore forgot to mention that the BBS has reported the inconvenient truth that no “Global Warming” has been apparent in the last 11 years. Oh, I’m sorry. The new speak is Climate Change.

Wisconsin State Journal

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