CNN Slams SNL for Slamming Obama.

Their criticism absent on Bush parodies.

The piece that CNN ran admits that Saturday Night Live was dead on when it pictured Sarah Palin as “ill-equipped for the job” as Vice-President; presuming, of course, one of the key components of being Vice-President is not supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States.

Of course we have to remember that this was the media outlet that had a group of kids “sing the praises” of Obamacare.

Wolf Blitzer, laughingly, calls Obama the “Leader of the free world” when he has pushed to extend the secret wire taps—that he complained about when Bush put in place, gone after gun owners and is pushing to hurry up and kill the economy with health care—so he can control more people. He has pushed for cap-and-trade and other unconstitutional legislation based on the false premise of climate change (They had to change from global warming to climate change because there has not been one iota of evidence of any global warming in the last eleven years).


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