Not Evil, Just Wrong.

I am glad the producers of this film decided to stream this video. I did not find out about the premiere until it was too late to order the video. I joined about 9500 other people at for the event. It was simply amazing.

The film traces the history of the global warming movement to the disproved DDT scare in the sixties and seventies. Even the World Health Organization has lifted its ban on DDT. That movement was started by Racheal Carson and based, according to the film, on false data. But it did show how to scare people and governments into line. Al Gore even credited her with inspiring him to write his first book which now allows him to fly around the world in a private jet with his entourage, drive around in his SUV and heat and cool his mansion (which is shown in the film). Professor Don Roberts debunks the DDT myth in the film.

The film takes a look at how the ban on DDT has caused an increase in malaria in Africa. South Africa resumed the use of DDT and their cases of Malaria has dropped drastically. Roy Innis of CORE is trying to help Ugandans get the government ban lifted.

Journalist Bret Stephens likened the scare tactic effect to the “mad cow disease” scare a few years ago that has been dropped from the press.

The film explores what U.N. proposed measures would do to average Americans and looks into the life of an American family. They interview people at airports and in cities to find out what they have to say.

The film also features politicians, journalists and scientists. Dr. Patrick Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace, is prominently featured in the film. Unlike “An Inconvenient Truth,” however, they even give the elitists their change to speak, but they refused; one through his lawyer. And the film exposes some of the glaring scientific mistakes made by global warming enthusiasts.

This is a movie you need to beg or borrow (don’t steal it) to see. Your family should watch it. You should share it with your friends. You should send a copy to your favorite liberal Democrat. Hold a community viewing.

There might be a few of the scientific methodologies covered that you might not understand. But the political aspect is very clear. There is only one reason to keep pushing this false global picture on the world through CNN. That is enslavement.

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