House Resolution to support China’s dissidents.

Republican representative Thaddeus G. McCotter, from the Eleventh District of Michigan, introduced H. RES 156 to support “Charter 08 and the ideals of the Charter 08 movement” on February 11 of this year. The bill, with 29 cosponsors, was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Charter 08 is a group of Chinese dissident’s that have fashioned themselves after the Charter 77 group in the former Czechoslovakia. The Charter 08 group is demanding more Democratic reform and an end to human rights violations.

The group has been using the Internet to spread the word and get signatures for their online petitions which led to the arrest of Liu Xiaobo, suspected organizer of the group, and one of the first signators. It also led to an order by the Chinese government that gives Jay Rockefeller wet dreams as he seeks to give Obama Chinese like superpowers over the internet. The Chinese ordered computer companies to install “Green Dam Youth Escort” filtering software. Human Rights Watch issued a press release in June to call on computer manufacturers and software companies to resist the Chinese Governments order to install the software by July 1.

Maybe the house could make a resolution to end the oppressive health care system proposed, end Social Security (which is totally failed even from its communist inception), carbon taxes and “cap-and-trade,” CIFTA and other measures instituted in the United States that are meant to oppress Americans.

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