PBS report on NEEM project.

On October 19, Heidi Cullen filed a report for unbiased, trustworthy PBS Newshour on the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling Project, or NEEM. Scientists are focused on a period known as the Eemian, which began about 130,000 years ago and lasted about 10,000 years. During the Eemian, temperatures were between 5 and 9 degrees F warmer than today, and global sea level was 13 to 20 feet higher. Under many climate change scenarios, global temperatures are projected to warm a similar amount this century, so understanding the climate of the Eemian could teach us more about the potential effects of warming today.

Heidi Cullen reports, “The Eemian period started about 130,000 years ago and we know it lasted about 15,000-years before the earth plunged back into an ice age.”

Jeff Severinghaus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography said, “NEEM is really trying to get a record of the last time that the earth was warmer than today, so its an analog for what our future looks like under global warming.

“It’s a very, very realistic scenario for what we may experience in the next hundred- to two-hundred years.”

PBS Transcripts and Video
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