More threats by global terrorists

Climate change could cause more problems than two world wars, Brown warns

Apparently not a fan of Not Evil. Just Wrong, English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who wants a “Global New Deal,” speaking at an international summit on climate change in London said that world leaders must agree a deal to stop global warming. He even used the term outlawed in favor of the more subtle “climate change.”

“The threat is not only humanitarian and ecological, it is also an economic one… Failure to avoid the worst effects of climate change could lead to global GDP being up to 20 per cent lower than it otherwise would be—an economic cost greater than the losses caused by two World Wars and the Great Depression. Let us be in no doubt then that this is a profound moment for our world––a time of momentous choice.”

Of course, he failed to point out that it was only World War II that got the United States economy going again to end the Great Depression. Not Roosevelt’s “New Deal” proposals which deepened the economic crisis. The industrial base created during World War II was responsible for much of the prosperity and peace that the U.S. enjoyed after.

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December will bring together 190 countries to agree a new deal on tackling global warming.

However at the moment talks are at deadlock because rich countries like the US will not sign up to strict targets to cut carbon emissions, while developing nations like China refuse to take action until the super powers take the lead.

Mr Brown, who is attending the talks in Copenhagen himself to ensure a deal is met, said other world leaders––including President Obama––should follow his lead.

“Over the remaining seven weeks to Copenhagen, and in the two weeks of the conference itself, I will work tirelessly with my fellow leaders to negotiate a deal. I have said I will go to Copenhagen to conclude it – and I am encouraging them to make the same commitment.”


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