Football action this week

There remains four undefeated teams in the seventh week of NFL action.

I feel pretty confident in predicting that the Denver Broncos will remain undefeated and number one in the AFC West after this weekend of NFL action. They’ll be watching it all on television.

In the AFC South, the Indianapolis Colts may face their toughest opponent yet in Limbaugh’s Saint Louis Rams. Just kidding.

The Minnesota Vikings faces the Pittsburgh Steelers in an attempt to remain undefeated in the NFC North. It might not be a cake-walk, but Brett Farve has handled everyone this season.

After giving the N.Y. Giants their first loss, the New Orlean Saints remain undefeated in the NFC South. Now they face the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium who— Well, who are not. If the Dolphins do nothing else this season, they could be remembered as the team that stopped the Saints perfect record. The Dolphins have won two games, after all.

In the NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals are battling the San Francisco 49ers for first place. San Francisco faces Houston and the game is hard to call. Arizona, on the other hand, faces the N.Y. Giants—who do not want to loose another game—in New York. While the SF-Houston game is a toss-up, Arizona will have many challenges to face. I hate to say it, but I think that the only hope Arizona has is a victory by Houston to keep the records tied. I hope that Arizona can win. I just don’t see it.

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