Unconstitutional law being used against John Brek

It is reported that “illegal bullets” were found in the home of John Brek who is alleged to have made threats against Obama at the coffee shop in the airport where he worked. It is clear that New Jersey has the understanding of the Second Amendment of a Schwarzenegger. Under the Second Amendment—as understood by the founding fathers, not Sonya Sotomayer—there are no weapons of any kind that can be kept from the American public to prevent government tyranny (paraphrasing Rothchild’s American poster boy Alexander Hamilton, and real Americans such as George Mason, Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson).

So far, the 55 year old has not been charged by the feds. He is held under a state statute.

Fifty “cop killer” bullets and a stolen rifle were among the firearms arsenal confiscated from the home of the Newark Liberty International Airport security guard who allegedly threatened President Barack Obama, law enforcement authorities said.

John Brek a six-year employee of FJC Security Services in Floral Park, pleaded not guilty on three state felony charges and remained in jail Thursday on a $220,000 bail bond.

He was arrested Tuesday, the night before Obama was due to land in Newark to campaign for Gov. Jon Corzine. Brek told another airport worker “he cut a hole in the fence to be able to shoot the president, that he was just a short distance away,” according to the complaint filed in court. Brek also “simulated holding a rifle in the direction of where the president would be, with the purpose to put in him imminent fear of death,” the complaint said.

Port Authority and FJC officials Thursday afternoon did not respond to inquiries about the screening of guard applicants, training requirements or past incidents involving FJC security workers.


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4 Responses to Unconstitutional law being used against John Brek

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    So you support terrorism? Oh, yeah… you’re a right-winger.

    • gcdaz says:

      No moron. I support the Constitution of the United States. Go read your copy of the Manifesto of the Communist party again. Terrorism is using false global warming threats to give up the sovereignty of your nation. Terrorism is calling you a racist because you don’t support health care. Terrorism is using Internet Czars to suppress the truth on the Internet. Oh, and by the way, there are a lot of people who support my idea. I listed them on the blog entry. If you choose to call supporting and defending the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic terrorism, then I am a terrorist. I’m trying to think who swore to do that recently? You can go back to your centerfold of Janet Napalitano, now.

  2. Trish says:

    I do not believe this man would harm anyone.

    • gcdaz says:

      It is hard to say. There are allegations that he is not completely stable (I don’t know the man and the media usually lies about such matters). But the Feds did not seem to worry that much about him. It is New Jersey that pressed the issue. And the fact that he is being charged with having “illegal ammunition” shows their understanding of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was put into place for the people to be able to protect itself against a standing army that the government might put into place. All weapons laws that restrict a citizen from owning any weapon is unconstitutional. That being said, I do agree with not allowing violent felons from owning weapons; that is, felons who have a propensity to use guns solely to commit violent crimes which have nothing to do with keeping our freedoms.

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