Gun Control sticking point for DC voting rights

Democrats hoped to get legislation passed that would give Washington D.C. a representive in the House. Republicans are all for it because it adds a representative from Utah which is a Republican leaning state. The sticking point has become an amendment—proposed by Constitution-supporting John Ensign and supported by the NRA—which would remove restrictive gun control laws in Washington.

The good folks at the Washington Post are complaining that, “Despite Democratic control of the White House and Congress, the 600,000-odd residents of the nation’s capital are no closer to getting their rights as American citizens.” If you are worried about giving them their “rights” as “American citizens,” why are you opposed to giving them all of their rights?

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One Response to Gun Control sticking point for DC voting rights

  1. They are only concerned with the rights that they like, and not the rights cited in the Constitution. Much less the rights that preceded the Bill of Rights.

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