Prisoners in some states to get H1N1 vaccine before law-abiding citizens

Actions by state health departments cause concerns for some citizens.

Alex Jones, on his radio show some months ago, reported that the U.S. Government was training National Guard and military to assist law enforcement officials in the event panic set in over the lack of H1N1 vaccine. Response to recent reports of prisoners getting the vaccine before “law-abiding” citizens seem to indicate signs that something like that might happen.

Of course, main stream media is mostly at fault. Since they are failing to report that that the regular flu kills around 36,000 people a year. The H1N1 is less severe and expected to kill less. Dr. Ron Paul, Republican representative from Texas, has even condemned the flurry of terrorist media reports concerning the matter.

The Beaumont Enterprise blog reported on the 28th that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was to give more than 45,000 inmates considered high risk the vaccine as early as next week.

The Times Record of Wichita Falls Texas, and other sources, dispute the claim.

“The Texas Department of State Health Services is disputing a claim by the state prison system that prisoners may get the H1N1 flu vaccine before the general public.

“Texas has not allocated any H1N1 vaccine to prisons at this time. Prisoners are not a priority group to receive the vaccine and will not be vaccinated ahead of the general public,” said a press release for DSHS.”

Three other states, however, are giving prisoners the shot first. Ohio, Massachusetts and Washington states.

Fox News reported on the 15th that Massachusetts intends to vaccinate high risk patients, such as those with AIDS and the older prisoners. Lower risk prisoners can volunteer after. KXLY in Washington state has reported that the Department of Corrections has confirmed that doses of the Swine Flu vaccine were sent to the Washington State Penitentiary and NcNeil Island Prison even after canceling upcoming flu clinics. The Dayton Daily News and WLWT Channel 5 in Ohio reports that more than 8,800 inmates may get the vaccine prior to many Ohio school children, workers and families have had a chance.

Interestingly, the Beaumont Enterprise website conducted a poll concerning the issue on the 28th. As of this writing, there were 193 respondents to the question, “Should prisoners get H1N1 flu shots first?” 13% responded with the answer Yes. It’s a big pool of people and we can’t let this disease spread among them. 75% answered No. Let the law-abiding citizens have access to the vaccine first. 11% selected the answer, So Texas officials are saying if I need to be inoculated I should get myself imprisoned?

Of course, this poll is not scientific and more for entertainment. However, if the statistics are correct, we can derive from the data that 75% of Texans have an attitude of “stick them in jail and forget them.” (That presumes that all of the respondents were from Texas and that they responded honestly.)

KXLY solicited opinions on the matter to which Jeannie responded, “I believe the inmates should have to wait until general public is vacinated!!!! Honestly I think they dont even deserve to get the vaccine. They are in prison for a reason….. So they get vaccinated while we all are having to wait to get our children and high risk people vaccinated??? That is just not right in my eyes.”

Sandra posed the question, “ok…what about the Yes, it will cost the tax payers more if the prisoners get sick…but what about our children?”

How much does a funeral cost in Washington?

Camille gave a little more sympathetic—if not more pragmatic—response. “Yes they should. I’d rather give them a $20 shot than pay for a hospital bill. I just hope they are vaccinating the guards first.”

We can also ask what percentage of those prisoners are there for minor crimes or, worse, convicted wrongly. What about those awaiting trial? If the H1N1 is so terrible, does it seem fair that 7 million people, according to one web site, be denied this alleged protection? They will find it difficult to make it to their local Safeway Pharmacy to get the injection, after all.

About a month ago the media looked into the American Police Force taking over a prison in Montana. Private prisons have been becoming vogue over the last several years. When you consider that there are over 2 million laws in the United States and you, more than likely, break one each day, what will happen when you wind up in prison? Would you like to be confined without that slim margin of survival?

For my part, I am not going to take the vaccine because I have studied enough material to convince me that it is more dangerous than the disease. At least ask to see the warnings on the insert prior to letting them stick you. Yes, there is an insert and you can read it. Tell you what. You can have mine. If you are ill-informed enough to take it.

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