Sorry, Firefox. I’m back now.

I have been a Firefox user since my friend discovered it some years ago. I believe that I started with Version 2.1 or 2.2; something like that. I have grown fond of its security features. Though I am disappointed about one thing that I will point out later.

I have been using WordPress, now, for about a year. I have created blogs and am even learning how to customize the blog software to fit my needs.

The two pieces of software have co-existed peacefully during that time.

Then came that tragic affair involving my computer, a hammer and chainsaw. I will not delve into the grisly details. Suffice it is to say that I had to re-establish my computability. After trudging through the process of reloading Microsoft Windows XP (Which was actually a very smooth process this time, for the most part), I reloaded my old friend Firefox. I even found that they had upgraded to 3.5.4.

Eagerly I downloaded the program and installed it. Happily I went to my blog (this one that you are reading) and began my task of educating the world. I went to add a post and after doing so clicked on the link to Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags. Oddly, it did not work. Perhaps my cursor had missed the mark. So I tried again. And again. And again. And again.


I was, to say the least, dismayed. To further frustrate matters, the Visibility: Public Edit link did not work either. The + Add New Category link worked, but the Add button did not. When I went to delete a comment, it appeared nothing happened. Returning to the Dashboard, I found that the comment had been deleted.

I moved from dismayed to miffed. After a few choice comments concerning the heritage of Firefox, I decided to go back to an earlier version. (Okay, I know Firefox can’t have a “heritage.” But I’m sure that you understand what I mean and what possible comments I might have uttered! Give me a break. I’m just trying to inject a little humor, here.)

I loaded Firefox 3.5.3 because I know it worked from another computer. That same symptoms persisted.

As I reached for the chainsaw, I suddenly remembered another change that I made. I added CA Antivirus and personal firewall software. So I opened the firewall to see what could possibly be the matter. I opened the CA Security Center. Under CA Personal Firewall, I selected the Advanced Settings. I selected Privacy, with the little Keys icon. I clicked on the Advanced… button for the Ad/Pop-up blocker.

I noted that both Banner/Skyscraper Ads and Pop-up/Pop-under Ads were both selected. After some experimentation, I found that when I deselected Pop-up/Pop-under ads, harmony had been restored and I could put the chainsaw back into the garage until the computer messed up again. That was the problem all along.

The one thing that still disappoints me about the latest incarnation of Firefox is that it is missing the Clear Privacy Data Now button. I find it useful, at times, to clear the cache while I am web-surfing. Overall, however, with everything working together as harmonious as Congress, I am satisfied with Firefox and still think it is the best browser out there.

If you are having similar symptoms, check your pop-up ad blocker on your firewall.

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