Will today’s election results really matter?

In New Jersey, it looks as though Obama campaigning for Jon Corzine did not help. New Jersey fired him in favor of Republican Chris Christie by a margin of 5%. The race for the New Jersey Assembly has not been called, yet, but so far 14 Republicans and 10 Democrats have won their races.

Newsmax reported on the 2nd, “Fearing a potentially devastating Democratic loss, the highly controversial Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) group and its affiliated organizations are gearing up to tip the scales and re-elect the beleaguered incumbent in the hard-fought New Jersey gubernatorial race, sources tell Newsmax.”

“ACORN is heavily involved in Gov. Jon Corzine’s get-out-the-vote operation, but is maintaining a low profile at the insistence of the Corzine campaign,” Matthew Vadum, senior editor of the conservative Capital Research Center think tank, tells Newsmax. “If Corzine manages to win reelection, he doesn’t want the victory tainted by his close association with ACORN.”

Republican Bob McDonnell took the governorship of Virginia is an easy win. USA Today reports of the Virginia race, “In the past, off-year elections haven’t been a reliable indicator of how the president’s party will fare in the future. However, surveys of voters as they left the polls in Virginia showed that the coalition Obama forged didn’t turn out: Blacks made up one in five voters in 2008 but one in seven this time; young people under 30 were one in five voters in 2008 but one in 10 now.

“The economy was the top issue on voters’ minds. A majority of those surveyed in Virginia and New Jersey said they were ‘very worried’ about the economy’s direction over the next year.”

FOX News is reporting:

The conservative rebellion against a moderate Republican candidate for Congress in upstate New York has “ramifications” for the 2010 elections, the White House said Tuesday, while dismissing as “navel-gazing” any speculation about the impact of the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races.

The Obama administration is reluctant to draw any lessons from Tuesday’s elections — Fox News projects Republican Bob McDonnell the winner in the race for Virginia governor; Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine is in a tight race for re-election against Chris Christie in New Jersey; and Democrat Bill Owens is trailing his opponent in a New York special election for Congress.

Of course, the pundits are all predicting that the results of Republicans winning does not bode well for the 2010 mid-terms. The question is, does it really matter? The Dimocrats, led by Pelosi wrapped in the red flag, are sure to push through health care unless the bluedog Democrats come to their senses and vote against it. Not to mention a second Obama stimulus package that is bound to be as unsuccessful as the first.

If Republicans took over both houses of Congress, would they strip this unholy legislation out? Will they get rid of Social Security and the Federal Reserve and start us on a real road to recovery? Will industry return in droves?

What really matters is will they give us a real presidential candidate in 2012 instead of the village idiot? Ron Paul, for example.

New Jersey Results
USA Today
FOX News

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