End to registry best for Canada

Gun control issue in Canada

If, as friend and foe alike predict, Wednesday’s parliamentary vote on the gun registry is the beginning of the end of this ignoble legislation, it may be the best chance in 15 years for a national reconciliation.

But even though the private members bill presented by Manitoba Tory MP Candace Hoeppner passed handily — Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, angrily insisted: “It wasn’t even close” — the amendments that would put an end to the hated and discredited long-gun registry still have a distance to go before they become law.

By a vote of 164 to 137, MPs approved the bill in principle and sent it back to committee, where it can be amended or dropped. That committee has 12 members, of whom six are Conservative and none of the others voted in favour of Ms. Hoeppner’s proposal.

And even if it squeaks through this stage, the bill has to survive its passage through the Senate that continues to have a Liberal majority. However,by the time the bill reaches the Upper House, it’s expected that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have stacked it with a Tory majority.

The Star Phoenix-Canada

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