Internet medicine up in arms while young woman suffers.

Defense of pharmaceuticals more important than suffering of Desiree Jennings.

Desiree is the NFL cheerleader for the Redskins who suffered a reaction two months after taking the seasonal flu shot. Huliq News is reporting that she may, thankfully, be recovering from her adverse flu shot reaction.

In August 2009, Desiree Jennings received her seasonal flu shot, something she had done several years before. This time, however, her reaction was severe and debilitating. Over the course of several weeks she lost the ability to walk or talk normally, and began to suffer violent seizures and recurrent blackouts.

Huliq News reports, “Jennings was misdiagnosed multiple times with a variety of diagnoses since receiving the influenza shot, which she thought would protect her from illness. She has since been diagnosed by her treating physician, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, with a number of conditions including but not limited to Acute, Viral Post Immunization Encephalopathy and Mercury Toxicity with secondary respiratory and neurological deficits.”

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. The disorder may be inherited or caused by other factors such as birth-related or other physical trauma, infection, poisoning or reaction to drugs. It is known to be irreversible.

David H. Gorski—MD, PhD, FACS is a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer according to “Sceince Based Medicine” and whom nobody loves more than himself—has become a neurosurgeon and toxicologist weighing in on the matter of vaccination victim Desiree Jennings. He has an ongoing battle with the prominent web site, Age of Autism. In his Orac Knows blog, he calls them the “mercury militia” and other fun euphemisms.

He is, also, a well-documented holocaust denier, but is not on the no-fly list by DHS because of his firm support of eugenics. Or, as his mentor would say, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.” 1

Urologist Dr. Leigh Vinocur is spotlighted—on the Vitals Spotlight blog in an article entitled Dr. Leigh Vinocur Affirms Desiree Jennings Has Psychogenic, that it was a psychogenic disorder. “Psychogenic disorders originate in the mind or in mental or emotional processes; having a psychological rather than a physiological origin. This does not mean that a person is faking their symptoms. Rather, it means that the person truly believes that the symptoms are real.” She bases that on the blog article by Rene Najera in Baltimore. I suppose that is new-speak for hypochondria.

It is amazing that these holocaust deniers and eugenicists who complain about the Internet method of passing information used successfully by “truthers,” is the same method that they are using to get their name exposed to their new world order masters. Well, this guy in Boston heard from Orac who heard from the PR firm hired by the CDC, who was told by…. And, I mean, if you just look at the video it’s obvious that she’s not faking, but maybe it is all in her mind that—for the first time in four seasons of taking shots—she had a reaction. I guess there is a new, new-speak term. Deniers.

I mean, why didn’t she fake it before? Needing attention does not seem to be one of her downfalls. She marched in dutifully to take the shot she obviously had confidence in. I am no physician nor psychiatrist. But I fail to see what mental breakdown she could possibly have to generate such a reaction.

The Age of Autism Blog blog—a web site that explores the link between mercury in vaccines and autism—challenges these doctors on these accounts:

– Challenging Ms. Jennings’ original diagnosis of dystonia. Since when do doctors make long-distance video-only diagnoses? Don’t these doctors realize, by offering up potentially false commentary on the nature of Ms. Jennings diagnosis in a story that has captivated the world, that they will one day be called to task for such a glaring breach of medical ethics?

– Claiming Ms. Jennings condition is all in her head. For parents of children with autism, this one has a familiar ring. How on earth do Doctors like Gorski and Novella dare throw out a psychological diagnosis on a patient they have never examined? Thank God she found a doctor who knew it was all in her body.

– Claiming the flu shot couldn’t possibly cause her condition. Once again, how on earth does a long-distance doctor determine this? Vaccines cause a wide variety of side-effects, but Ms. Jennings’ condition just couldn’t be vaccine-induced? To hell with what doctors who did examine her actually determined, we are the only arbiters of truth. It’s nuts.

– Claiming she couldn’t possibly recover from a condition she didn’t even have. Forget the HBOT, chelation, B-12, vitamins, etc., Ms. Jennings couldn’t possibly recover, much like our kids never do, either.
Age of Autism Blog

This picture should give you an overall view of Obamacare in action. Physicians obviously have more interest in distancing their pharmaceutical masters from any liability to protect the stocks in which they own. And you are not even paying, yet, for what happened to this young, vibrant woman.

1 Vladimir Lenin; the father of the Obamanation.

Huliq News
Pat Sullivan Blog
Dr. David Gorski: King of the Quack’s

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One Response to Internet medicine up in arms while young woman suffers.

  1. ButterHead says:

    When David Gorski is brought into any matter, the story changes. This insufferable little prick should be the farthest away a possible from human beings. He is a known carcinogen. He claims to practice “science-based medicine” when in fact it is “ego-based medicine”.

    I have begun to send letters to all that have influence in this man’s “employment”. He is an odious, ignorant, arrogant egomaniac digging his own grave.

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