Nasa finds water on the moon.

Two months after India

The Apollo program costs about $25-billion dollars between 1969 and 1972 and honored the challenge of President John F. Kennedy, “…to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” After seven alleged moon landings we were told it was a barren, arid desert. Forty years later, not to mention two months after India announced it, Nasa announced that it has found water on the moon with the recent L-cross mission.

Splash! NASA’s moon crash struck lots of water, making moon an enticing place to visit again

LOS ANGELES (AP)—The lunar dud for space enthusiasts has become a watershed event for NASA.

Spacecraft that crashed into the moon last month kicked up a relatively small plume. But scientists have confirmed the debris contained water—25 gallons of it—making lunar exploration exciting again.

Experts have long suspected there was water on the moon. So the thrilling discovery announced Friday sent a ripple of hope for a future astronaut outpost in a place that has always seemed barren and inhospitable.

Of course, rumors abound that it was impossible to make moon landings, mainly, due to the Van Allen radiation belt. Manned missions today steer clear of that area of highly intense radiation. That led to the popular 80’s movie, “Capricorn One“—about a doomed Mars mission—and a Fox television show narrated, of course, by Mitch Pileggi of X-Files fame.

One might argue that probes have gone through the Van Allen belt with no problem. Surely the radiation would have destroyed some of the systems on board those probes. We have, supposedly, lost several moon probes and a Mars probe. Was that an affect of the Van Allen radiation belt?

If the Van Allen radiation belt does not, in fact, affect space travel and we did, indeed, land on the moon, that inspires the next logical examination.

There are rumors that some of the Apollo astronauts, adamant that they did land on the moon, said recently that there were “surprises” that have yet to be revealed. Now the question becomes Why did NASA lie? This was supposed to be a trip of scientific discovery to expand our knowledge of the moon. Did we not go, “…in peace for all mankind?” After spending $25-billion dollars—that could have been used for schools and programs to feed the hungry—why have they kept secrets from the people who paid for the trip?

Why did another mission suddenly appear to reveal the fact of water on the moon two months after India announce it? Why couldn’t NASA just ask the Indian government for the information?

Questions could continue ad nauseum, but this is an example of keeping non-national security secrets that John F. Kennedy warned of. A warning that many, except Bill Maher, claim got him killed in Dallas five days after the warning.

This is the kind of secrecy that leads to speculation—or as CNN puts it, conspiracy theories. The government was not even prepared to admit, until recently, that the Federal Reserve was not a government agency, but a cabal of private banking organizations. That is a violation of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States.

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