Indianapolis and New Orleans closer to sealing playoff bids

New Orleans Saint and Indianapolis Colt fans are rightly celebrating after eleven weeks of NFL action with their teams remaining the only undefeated teams in the NFL with 10 and 0 records. Indianapolis barely managed against the Baltimore Ravens with a final of 17-15 while New Orleans soundly defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a score of 38 to 7.

These two teams seem to be unstoppable as the season moves toward the playoffs for the Superbowl. They will, now doubt, receive the coveted “x” in the playoff list soon.

Growing up, I remember the Redskins and Cowboys being the Thanksgiving day battle to watch during the holiday season. They played this Sunday and it must have been a nail biter. Both teams gave up no points during the first quarter and Dallas held Washington to field goals in the second and third quarter. Tony Romo managed a touchdown with about six-minutes left against a tough Redskins defense to preserve their one game lead over the Eagles in the NFC East

The Arizona Cardinals managed to increase the divide, in the NFC West, with second place San Francisco 49ers by two games. Even with Marc Bulger passing for 215-yards and Steve Jackson rushing for 116, the Saint Louis Rams could not stop the Arizona Cardinals from walking away with a 21 to 13 victory. Anquan Boldin added 103 yards to his receiving total during the game. The 49ers were behind 30 to 3 going into the second half against the Green Bay Packers and almost managed a comeback. The game ended with a six-point spread with San Francisco managing only 24 points in the end.

Thanksgiving day action will be between the Packers and the Lions, Raiders and the Cowboys and the Giants and now-struggling Broncos.

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