Obamanation shuts down First Amendment.

Obamanites do not seem to have a problem with State-over-religion in their interpretation of Separation of Church and State. They have managed to convince CafePress to discontinue “Pray for Obama” T-shirts with “secret code.” The ADL calls it a “death threat” and pastors who have prayed that prayer have been questioned by the Secret Service.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it seems, is all but forgotten.

CafePress has reversed itself for the second time and discontinued once and for all the sale of “Pray For Obama: Psalm 109:8” merchandise, which is Christian code for “pray for Obama to get killed by God.”

CafePress pulled the merchandise earlier this week when people pointed out what the prayer meant, but they quickly restored the items, telling Gawker in a statement yesterday that the slogan was in line with “current public discourse and our determination of what it is fair political commentary.”

Psalm 109 is a “Cry For Vengeance.” Verse 8 reads: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office”; it goes on to ask God to kill the supplicant’s enemy and make beggars of his children. So some sneaky Christians thought it would be funny to sell T-shirts bearing the slogan at CafePress, because Godless liberals wouldn’t know that it was really a prayer for God to kill Barack Obama for being Muslim.

CafePress Is No Longer Officially Okay with Praying for Obama’s Death

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2 Responses to Obamanation shuts down First Amendment.

  1. As the Gawker article clearly states, CafePress pulled the shirt because of feedback from their customers. That is the free market at work. There is no mention of any government pressure.

    • gcdaz says:

      It became an issue when the Obamanites started crying that it hurt their feelings and it was racist. You might know the type. Since you do not know what the free market is all about, I’ll explain it at your level. If I purchase a ton of t-shirts that say “J.C. Watts for President,” I will sell those for X amount of dollars. If people do not want to buy them, they will not. If they do not, I must lower the price to X amount of dollars. If that fails, I will be stuck with about 500 t-shirts that say “J.C. Watts for President.” That is how free market works. Getting rid of the “Illegal Alien” costume by crying about it is not free market economics. Boycotting and not purchasing is free market economics. I never mentioned government pressure either.

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