Seal the Deal or Sell It? U.N.’s High-Pressure Green Game

The effort to sign a new, multitrillion-dollar greenhouse gas reduction treaty in Copenhagen next month has hit a wall, but that isn’t slowing down the United Nations.

An intense lobbying effort led by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in favor of the treaty is still pushing full steam ahead, under the campaign slogan “Seal the Deal! Power green growth. Protect the planet.” In the process, the U.N. is mobilizing civic action groups around the world, proselytizing children and encouraging major international news media to work from scripts written by the U.N. itself.

“This is the moment to keep up the pressure,” exhorted Janos Pasztor, head of Ban’s “climate change support team,” before an audience of environmentalist organizations at the U.N. last week. “We need to act and we need to act soon!” He added: “You have a huge role to play.”

Pasztor’s exhortations are part of the U.N.’s fallback position, as it became clear that the world’s rich and poor nations can’t agree on how to manage the staggering costs and disruptive economic impact of a new climate deal to replace the Kyoto Accords on greenhouse gas reduction, which expire in 2012.

(The Infowars web site has links to all of the UNEP documents in question.)

FOX News

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