Star Trek (2009)

I just finished watching Star Trek (2009), the new motion picture produced and directed by J.J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman at the behest of a dear friend and fellow Star Trek Fan. The movie is based on, of course, the Star Trek television series carefully attended to by the late creator Gene Roddenberry. I have intentionally kept myself as secluded as Spock on Delta Vega (or whatever planet they mentioned in the film) from any reviews or images of the film, save the trailer, until I could see it.

The first thing I hated about the film was the fact that they drove a cherry 65 Vette over a cliff. I know it is all special effects, but just the thought pierced my heart. (By the way, if you’re done with that Vette, you can always ship it to me.)

I guess the writers took the time-space continuum to heart as they typed out this faniciful version on their word processors. The Star Trek purist, in me, found several problems with the film. First, Kirk’s first assignment was, I believe, on the USS Farragut. Captain Pike was a long time commander of the Enterprise and Spock was his first officer. It was not a new ship. Captain Pike was not relegated to a wheelchair due to Romulan torture, but because of a radiation leak that he had to fix to save his crew. I must confess that my eye objected to all of the “plastic,” antiseptic feel of the new Enterpirse bridge. I liked the original bridge set that they managed to recreate in the television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. And they destroyed Vulcan; a centerpiece in the Star Trek universe.

With my “purist” notions set aside, I now comment on the film

What a great ride.

The film is intense and probably not suitable to younger viewers, but the film—even with the re-written history—should open up Star Trek to a whole new generation of viewers. It returns to the rough-and-tumble, action packed feeling of the original series setting it .

The effects were tremendous and the casting was excellent. I especially liked Simon Peggs portrayal of Montgomery Scott who was my favorite character in the show. I like the way that the writers brought the characters together and they managed to keep the dialouge consistant with the original series. After all, somewhere in the film “Bones” had to say Are you out of your Vulcan mind and I’m a doctor, not a (fill in the blank).

It is interesting that they wrote in an aged Spock (of course, played by Leonard Nimoy) and did not add an elderly Kirk hobling around on a cane yelling, Why, when I commanded the Enterprise….

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