Food riots in America?

Lord Monckton, recently revealed, in an interview with Laura Emmet of Russia Today, that food riots around the world are not being reported by the Media in favor of the global warming scam. In the interview—where he equates global warming to other scams, such as the H1N1 virus—he noted that other scams, such as the bio-fuel scams, are causing more starvation than is being reported.

“There have been major food riots in a dozen regions of the world.” Lord Monckton claims, “Hardly reported at all in the West…”

A “google” reveals only one article by the New York Times of any food riots taking place.

Yahoo! has more such as this CNN report.

Where is the debate on bio-fuels causing food shortages and riots? The government and media seem outraged over every gun shooting that occurs, but the fact that they are killing people with food shortages doesn’t cause them to loose sleep.

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