E-mails don’t mean a thing if they don’t give global warming that zing!

The Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, recently revealed that anyone who did not believe in global warming was anti-science.

Al Gore has hired a very effective special effects team who have put together props and cherry pickers to show just how high temperatures are expected to rise. Gore always seems to leave out the science proving that the temperatures will reach such high levels, however. Scientists and film producers have offered him the opportunity to debate against them and shut them down on the world stage. He has not declined. He has refused to even acknowledge their challenge. Why?

Steve Benson of the Arizona Republic—a newspaper in Arizona that really does not know what a Republic is—drew a cartoon showing the earth flooded with water dripping off with two polar bears sitting on the last two flows of ice. One is saying to the other something to the effect that Good News. I have just received emails saying that global warming is a hoax. Well, he draws cartoons for a living and that is associated with fiction.

I was confronted by a liberal and told her that I knew of a case where a college-trained meteorologist was told to dump any data that did not comply with the global warming theory. I was told this back in 2000. She turned in her liberal indignation and informed me that they do not know anything. Meteorologists? The guys who are supposed to be selling us on global warming? They know nothing?

If that is the case, what is the big deal on the Climategate emails? Can I pause here to say how tired I am of adding gate to the end of every scandal? (Of course I can. It’s my blog.) You know, Monica Lewinskygate and so forth. Of course, it probably helps us understand Bill Gates a little better.

In the November 30 issue of The Washington Times National Weekly, Stephen Dinan reports that the “Climate czar” for the Obama administration, Carol Browner, “…rejected claims that e-mils stolen from a British university show that climate scientists trumped up global-warming numbers, saying she considers the science settled.” Remember when Al Gore, staring down a Senate subcommittee, said The science is settled?

“I’m sticking with the 2,500 scientists,” Carol Browner is quoted in the article. “These people have been studying this issue for a very long time and agree this problem is real.”

Yet, to the chagrin of Brown, thirty thousand plus scientist, who have signed on to the Petition Project, say it is not. (You can read their science in the article entitled Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
). We live in a “democracy,” according to the government and media talking heads. Doesn’t 30,000 win over 2,500?

Of course not. For the same reason that those e-mails do not make a difference in the agenda of the global elitists. It has been shown, time-and-again, that they have lied through the corporate media on global warming issues. They have projected a false image of America as a two-party system in a divide and conquer strategy. There is no more credible science behind global warming than there is behind evolution.

So what is the problem with these e-mails? They do show something. They show an effort to cram false science into the brains of those who no longer desire to think for themselves. Just as they have tried to force evolution into the brains of kids at school that are refusing to believe it. Those who do not believe are classified ADHD and fed drugs despite the Regan campaign of “Just say no.”

The science is settled is the new sound bite to say If you don’t believe us, you’re stupid. I’ve even heard Alex Jones use that tact on his popular syndicated radio show when he gets going into a tirade. The difference is, Alex Jones is more correct than these global warming gurus more of the time.

Did you know, for example, that you produce C02? Not from your cars; I mean you produce C02. That is what you exhale. And it is what plants take in to survive. Guess what plants produce?

So the “science” is settled. Humans must die so that elitists can live and be mass’s over whoever the deem worthy to remain. Sounds like Alex Jones just might be on to something.

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