Climategate apologist reveals new global warming science.

Al Gore recently revealed his knowledge of science by stating that the earth’s core is millions of degrees on Conan O’Brien. That disputes evidence of a government science web site.

The Nasa web site states, concerning the sun, “The part of the sun that we see has a temperature of about 5500 degrees C (10,000 degrees F). Astronomers measure star temperatures in a metric unit called the Kelvin (abbreviated K). One Kelvin equals exactly 1 Celsius degree (1.8 Fahrenheit degree), but the Kelvin and Celsius scales begin at different points. The Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero, which is -273.15 degrees C (- 459.67 degrees F). Thus, the temperature of the solar surface is about 5800 K. Temperatures in the sun’s core reach over 15 million K.” If that is the case, we have bigger problems than a little CO2.

With reports that two “top” global warming scientist cannot get their story straight for a Congressional subcommittee, we are left to ponder the question, “Is the science settled?”

Of course it is. If you read the Holy Word of Gaia according to Al Gore. What’s the penalty for lying to a Congressional subcommittee, anyway? I guess, as long as you are saying what they want to hear, nothing.

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