Has financial woes driven Sarah Palin to desperation?

Much has been made of the recent Oped piece in the Washington Post written by Sarah Palin on the Copenhagen conference entitled, Copenhagen’s political science.

And I will make some more.

Her oped goes on to point out all of her glorious attempts at victory over the menace of global warming.

The Comrades of the “true media” at MSNBC—Keith Oberman—and Think Progress go on to make her recent speaking engagement at a Canadian Socialist Hospital that performs abortions and has “death panels” the height of hypocrisy. She is allowed to make money off of socialized medicine while she prods Al Gore about becoming a “carbon tax” billionaire.

By the way, Oberman, he is a Communist, not a Socialist. And Obama has expanded those “ease-droppings” on Americans that you find so disgusting. Or how about the very oath Obama took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I wonder how the 40,000 troops going to Afghanistan feel about Obama’s campaign promise to get out of Afganistan. Doesn’t that mean he’s gone so far to the left that he met himself on the other side? Liberal hypocrisy is A-Okay in America!

They make some very good points. With their liberal spin, of course.

It is hypocritical for a politician, supposedly, against abortion, to speak at a fundraiser for a hospital. Just as it is for a politician to take communion at church if they are “pro choice.” You know, like the Kennedy’s. The question the liberal think tanks did not ask is why is a Canadian hospital under government socialized medicine having to hold a fundraiser? How are they able to “afford” to pay Sarah Palin $200,000 (I believe that is American, not Canadian dollars)?

The other question that the pundits did not ask is how is Al Gore’s “investment” supposed to pay off? Is he getting a return from his geothermal electrical generation grid? Or is he receiving a cut from the taxation that the U.N. is trying to impose through this conference in case Cap-and-trade and carbon tax legislation fails in the Congress?

We know the government has taken on the mentality of running government like a business; quite contrary to the Constitution. The difference is that a business produces something. Whether people buy it or not, a business puts something into the market place. It does not jump at the opportunity of hostile take-overs at tax payer expense.

And they make an excellent point when Palin hum-has around about a possible debate between she and Gore on the televised public stage. Comrade Oberman’s pundits recently stated on their show that it would be great if Al Gore held a debate with this stupid Sarah Palin.

The New York Daily News writes

After spending the past few days slamming Gore and other proponents of climate change science, Palin back-pedaled when asked if she would debate the former vice president on the issue during a radio interview with conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, thinkprogress.org reported.

“You know, it depends on what the venue would be, what the forum,” Palin told Ingraham. “Because Laura, as you know, if it would be some kind of conventional, traditional debate with his friends setting it up or being the commentators, I’ll get clobbered because, you know, they don’t want to listen to the facts.”

Of course they want a debate with Sarah Palin. She’s a dingbat who spews the Republican party line. She’s not a scientist anymore than Al Gore is. Why didn’t she just say It would be better if Al Gore debated real scientists? As Oberman rightly pointed out on one of his recent party episodes Sarah Palin does seem to have lost her touch with the media.

They forget to mention that Phelim McAleer offered just such an opportunity at an environmental press conference. He was thrown out. It wasn’t a “proper venue.”

Absent is the story of Amanda Byrd who took the “stranded polar bear” picture that Al Gore loves so much and that Steve Benson makes his living off of.

It slipped their puny minds that John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, and thirty thousand scientists are foaming at the bit for a debate. Al Gore has not refused. He has not responded.

They probably are not aware that Lord Monckton is traveling the world spewing that anti-science hate speech.

Next questions: Why won’t Ben Bernake and Tim Geithner debate Ron Paul and Alan Grayson on ending the Federal Reserve and Twenty Minutes With the President.

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