Taking Temperature of the Health Care Bill

(CBS) As the Senate struggles to create a passable version of the health care reform bill, Bob Schieffer sat down with three Democratic Senators on “Face the Nation” today to discuss the future of health care reform.

Last week, the Senate came up with a plan to replace the previous proposal which included a public option, a government-run health insurance program like Medicare. The new proposal would set up insurance plans run by nonprofit companies supervised by the government, and would allow people without insurance to buy into Medicare at age 55.

The negotiations seemed to be going well until they ground to a halt on Friday.

Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia told Schieffer that, to the contrary, he thinks reform has “tremendous momentum” on the Hill.

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska agreed that the legislation had seen vast improvements, but said he could not vote for the bill as it now stands because of how it treats abortion. [His amendment to include more restrictive language was defeated.]

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